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Why We Are

Collaborative Universal Emergent Ecological

There is a fundamental paradigm shift taking place in science and society from a mechanistic understanding of reality to a systemic and ecological worldview. Despite this deeper understanding of ourselves and the interconnectedness of all life within our planetary system, we still in large part operate within a mechanistic legal and economic paradigm which facilitates short-term extraction, pits individual rights against the collective, favours competition over collaboration and perpetuates a limited view of value creation within society. Without a deliberate re-engineering of our laws which underpin current social and ecological outcomes and the introduction of new more relevant ones, meaningful change will remain elusive.

We believe that there is an emerging call on those of us who are trained in the law and who have the ability to perceive the shift to move beyond transactional expertise in specialist areas to become legal futurists working together collectively and within a multi-disciplinary construct, engineering the deep ecological transformation required to reverse our current trajectory.