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Next-Generation Masterclass

Inspiration for Uncertain Times

23rd October 2021
2:00 PM (BST) / 9:00 AM (EST)
Key Benefits
  • Breath is a governor – Learn how to modulate your fight or flight response
    in five minutes or less.
  • This is an uncertain time – Learn about the respiratory system – Inhale,
    Exhale and the Pause between…
  • Enhance your ability to lead – Improve your sleep, Increase your energy and
    empower your speech.


Breathing is a fundamental, pervasive, automatic function of the human body. Our lives are bracketed between two breaths. Not breathing is an emergency! In this class we will pay attention to our breathing.

This is an interactive class. I’m uncertain if I will use any slides. I’ll create a script and if slides or visual aides will be helpful, will include them.

We begin by looking at two well known breathing techniques – CPR and The Lamaze Method. This will give us an overview of the study of the respiratory system.

Next we will consider our ability to modulate our breath. We will briefly explore the art of breathing and of harnessing the breath as taught in modern and ancient traditions. Breathing has a long history as an art and practice.

Moving into practical work – We will begin to notice our breathing and notice how it changes as our state changes. We will investigate breathing as indicator and and as an agent for changing our state – physical, mental and emotional.

Breath inspires our lives, connects to us to the body, the mind and beyond. It empowers our speech. It can fuel our resilience, enhance our flexibility, increase our energy, reduce our perception of stress, catalyse weight loss, enhance our sleep and increase our capacity for enjoyment.

By engaging with our breath we will experience its power and potential to enhance our internal self governance as we create and lead into the emerging future.


Who Should Attened

People who breathe, particularly those people engaged in changing the world. People who want to sleep better, mangage stress with more ease and have more energy. People who have experienced or are living with long COVID. People who want to improve their speaking. People who live with anxiety. People who want inspiration.
Alyssa Rostant

A Rostant

Beginning, middle and end, narratives are the way we understand our ins and outs…stories are what we take when we can’t take anything else with us. The stories we are told, the ones we read, the stories we think about and the ones our brains stitch together, are the way we integrate and make sense of our worlds.

Collective stories create culture. Jouvay/J’ouvert is the beginning of the two days of the embodied living ritual of Carnival.

I’m fascinated by complex systems, and descriptions of them, most especially the mind and human language. So, some looking, listening, reading, writing, and a little arithmetic.

Recovering Process Operator.
Before moving to more complex, living systems, as part of the commissioning and start-up team on (what was then) the world’s largest single-train ammonia plant I was the first woman ammonia field Process Operator in the history of the Pt Lisas Industrial Estate and first woman Tech IV / Assistant Supervisor, Operations in Trinidad’s ammonia industry.

Director, FullStop Convenience Stores.

Inspiration for Uncertain Times

23rd October 2021
2:00 PM (BST) / 9:00 AM (EST)

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