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Build Your Own Next-Generation Professional Practice

Are you future oriented and action driven? Do you want to be a part of a learning community for legal system change? Do you have policy reform ideas or initiatives you would like to advance in your jurisdiction and/or scale across multiple jurisdictions? Join our Future Law Collaborative and access everything Future Law Institute offers through a single entry point.

Join today and equip yourself for transformational public policy entrepreneurship and practice!

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1. Private group calls with leaders and domain experts and access to all monthly live and interactive Masterclasses and Conversations for Change

You will be notified about our next call through a buzzing community of like minded professionals around the world and will be joining our founders behind the scenes when they hold Conversations for Change. As a Future Law Collaborative Member, you have the ability to participate at every single Next-Generation Professional Practice Masterclass. Future Law Masterclasses are held every month and cover the topics that matter to most to professionals like yourself. You will also get the access to suggested further reading, resources, templates, checklists and CPD Accreditation.


2. Join or Build a Networked Community of Practice

Take your policy entrepreneurship to another level by deepening your specialisation within our learning communities of practice around strategic intervention points for legal system change. Access pro bono and commercial opportunities to be involved in legal research projects, publications, and initiatives. Have your work profiled in our Conversations for Change and in our Masterclass Series. Network in our transnational community and build your capacity to diffuse policy innovations in your jurisdiction and worldwide.


3. 24/7 Access to the Future Law Institute Xperience (FLI-x) multimedia platform. 100+ hours of Talks, Panel Discussions, Workshops and Legal Innovation Labs Recordings

Drawing from the contributions of a worldwide group of domain experts, authors, facilitators, policy-makers and advocates who participated and shared their stories and expertise at the Future Law Virtual Summit 2020, a 5-day online event, you can now access the FLI-x multi-media library of all the recordings made during this event. FLI-x  is  enriched and continuously updated with new monthly Masterclasses, Conversations for Change and our newly launched Negotiating the New Normal Podcast. Access the recordings with the rest of Future Law Fellows and become a growing elite group of professionals actively working to shape the policies of tomorrow.


4. Transition Lounge and Guided Intentional Mindfulness Exercise

You’re tapping into a growing global community which is operating remotely, virtually and from various different time zones. Accessing informative resources and speaking to the experts from all around the world is not an easy task, even though it may seem as if the 24/7 availability and the possibility to listen to the content from the comfort of your home serves your deepest leisures. We’ve designed the Transitional Lounge as space for you to pause, become present, bring awareness of your whole system and awaken the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual senses. Transitional Lounge is where you overcome the Zoom fatigue, allow yourself to reset, and set your personal intentions. In all our events and meetings we incorporate Transitional Lounges.


5. Future Law Virtual Summit (FLVS) 2021

We practice mindfulness every hour, host weekly calls and monthly heartbeat events, but once a year, we invite Future Law Collaborative members, practitioners, Explorers, Masters and Negotiators to join us ALL TOGETHER. We’re forming a closed community of experts who are taking steps forward and are willing to take progressive actions. Throughout the Future Law Virtual Summit, you can expect experimentation, open conversations, fierce debates and empathic dialogues, where experts share their profound argumentation and equip you with the ideas and narratives you need to become a competent Negotiator working to reengineer our system and collectively build the New Normal.


Next Masterclass LIVE with Mothiur Rahman is December 11

A Personal Invitation from the Founders

Dear Colleagues,

How can we use collaborative efforts of professionals around the world to build a safer, more just and resilient future?

An old African proverb said if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. The underlying purpose of the Future Law Collaborative is to build a strong community of professionals for the pursuit of policy innovation and entrepreneurship around our collective challenges across jurisdictions and for future generations.

Each month, we’ll explore strategic intervention points for legal system change for our collective challenges and how each of us can leverage our expertise and build critical capacity to participate in designing, negotiating and implementing transformational public policy in our jurisdictions. 

Exploring together as practitioners, allows for our questions to create a rippling effect and stimulate cross-border solutions. That’s the beauty and functionality of a Future Law Collaborative: the individual and the collective work together hand in hand and support each other.

As our collective presence gets stronger and works to foster the knowledge exchange between professionals, there is an acceleration in the growth process for every individual.

We are at the beginning of our journey with nascent connections being developed and we would like to invite you to be part of the foundation of our organisation. Do join and share your ideas, initiatives and passion for change with us and our growing community. Our aim is for Future Law Collaborative to support you and those inside our growing community, and we hope you’ll join us.

With warmth and love,

Margaret & Anja



Becoming a member of Future Law Collaborative is opening doors wide open to those who have innovative ideas, seek a cutting-edge advantage and want to join inspiring thinkers, professionals and solution seekers on a journey as a Future Law Collaborator.

Each month, Margaret and Anja join members of the Future Law Collaborative for 90-min LIVE interactive Masterclasses in which a professional collaborator answers creative questions our members bring to the collective field and share their experiences, insights and latest developments within their professions.

The Future Law Collaboration experience is a co-creative and emergent process in which you too can share your learnings and bring ideas to fruition. As a community we’ll explore questions that come up as we focus to see how the legal profession, policy-making processes, access to justice and other fields influence each other and what an interdisciplinary dialogue allows us to achieve.

We’ll be examining how your practice relates to collective challenges we are going through, and how our collective practice makes us more fit to make a intentional steps forward and use high leverage intervention points to progress in the world.

Here are some of the key areas we’ll be tapping into within our Networked Communities of Practice:



COVID-19 has undoubtedly catalysed a defining period in our modern collective experience. We are exploring these complex relationships through our Global COVID-19 Policy Response (GCPR) Meta-Legal Research Initiative. We have built a growing and engaged transnational network of over 130 legal and policy professionals and systems-thinkers from 45 countries, meeting on research sprints on a weekly basis, building a global database of COVID-19 policy responses and sharing learnings through COVID-19 Country Spotlights into the variety and severity of lockdown policies, surveillance measures and economic and social relief packages worldwide.



Law is not a stand alone field, it is integrated and underpins every single social aspect of our lives. This legal complexity is exacerbated by reason of the sheer number of variables at play, interacting in a crunched period of time, the divers levels at which policy changes are being made (global, regional, national and local) and the variety of policy experimentation, policy implementers and bottom-up socio-cultural responses. This is why we have to explore and look at it through the lenses of complexity theory, cognition, and all possible meta-legal angles we might be able to observe with the processing power at hand. See the resources we’ve gathered and recommended authors you might keep an eye on!



Green criminology is an emerging branch of criminology involving the study of harms and crimes against the environment broadly conceived, including the study of environmental law and policy, the study of corporate crimes against the environment, and environmental justice from a criminological perspective. We have partnered with Stop Ecocide Foundation and Promise Institute for Human Rights to build the capacity and become a part of a global community of practice for policy entrepreneurship on green criminology and ecocide law at national levels.



The computation of the law will be a dominant vector over the next decade and as a Future Law Collaborative member, this should not be overlooked. Keeping an eye on emerging technology when its societal use, economic worth, and even technical design are still in flux is as crucial as extrapolation of the future developments from the myriad possibilities. From incremental improvements and automatisation of legal constructs, to concrete disruption of a status quo, technology unravels many new mysteries.



As we progress with globalisation and many talk about the industrial revolution 4.0, we have to adapt consumption flows and design a legal framework that strongly supports Circular Economy (CE). We have to build the capacity for and advise corporations and public bodies on establishing the enabling conditions for the CE in a trans-jurisdictional manner, spanning CE policy progress in Europe, UK, US, Canada, Australia, Africa, Asia & the Caribbean and elsewhere. In order to gain clarity regarding legal context for production, consumption, waste management, use of secondary raw materials, we have build a Networked Community of Practice for CE innovation, procurement and investment strategy which are examined with reference to the latest, most path-breaking circular economy case studies from around the world.


Networked Community of Practice in Public Procurement

Public procurement is an under-represented area in strategic decision making discourses and yet it is the arena, where trillions of dollars of public sector money is spent, which is most vulnerable to corruption, fraud, waste and mismanagement and where the underlying economic philosophy of regions, nations and organisations is operationalised. At Future Law we believe that Public procurement law, policy and practice represents a high-leverage strategic intervention point to address failures in contemporary economic thinking. In this Community of Practice we focus on conducting action research, learning and knowledge-building in the following areas: (i) international trade and public procurement, (ii) corruption and access to information, (iii) procurement in times of crisis, (iv) Agenda 2030 and circular procurement law, policy and practice, (v) human rights, trade and supply chain management, and (vi) the intersection of technology, big data and the procurement function.

We continue to broaden our Networked Communities of Practice and are inviting you to join the collaborative and get access to various NCoP Channels, where discussions are taking place and we exchange the most recent information, legal developments, recommended resources and selected events.


  1. LIVE Online Monthly Masterclasses, monthly 90-minute interactive video sessions, including recordings and teaching resources, handouts and suggested further readings with opportunities for CPD Accreditation.
  2. Members-Only Facilitated Network Community of Practice Online Gatherings and Breakout Groups, opportunities to lead and/or participate in pro bono and commercial research projects and initiatives geared toward policy innovation, policy design, advocacy and entrepreneurship for progressive legal system change.
  3. Conversations for Change Go behind the scenes in our Conversations for Change with domain experts and authors who are providing critical thought leadership for negotiating the new possible. Be part of the private, virtual studio and join the Q&A with Margaret and Anja during the live taping.
  4. Guided Transitional Lounge and Mindfulness Exercises: Including downloadable access to the audio and videos of our Transition Lounges.
  5. FLI-x Private Membership Portal: Exclusive access to a growing multi-media library of recorded content, interviews, panel discussions and course excerpts.

Join a select group of professionals building critical skills for 21st Century leadership, transformational public policy and legal system change. 

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