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Introduction to Interconnected Law

Sat, July 31, 2:00PM (BST)

Next-Generation Professional Practice

There is a fundamental paradigm shift taking place in science and society from a mechanistic understanding of reality to a systemic and ecological worldview. Despite this deeper understanding of ourselves and the interconnectedness of all life within our planetary system, we still in large part operate within a mechanistic legal and economic paradigm which facilitates short-term extraction, pits individual rights against the collective, favours competition over collaboration and perpetuates a limited view of value creation within society. Without a deliberate re-engineering of our laws which underpin current social and ecological outcomes and the introduction of new more relevant ones, meaningful change will remain elusive.

This interactive masterclass is designed to introduce and explore a new legal paradigm: Interconnected Law. The underlying notion is that law should see society as a dense web of relationships, instead of a mass of individuals. This recognition can recast law’s role as about influencing and structuring these relationships, and ideally, improving them to be more just and harmonious. This approach is proposed as an alternative to the current paradigm which is individualistic and separates humans from the rest of Nature. Interconnected Law draws from Earth Jurisprudence, the relational approach to law, social ecology and systems theory.

In three (3) hours we will cover: the blended social and ecological problems which need addressing; understanding law relationally; how law is part of social and ecological crises; and how we should think about changing law as part of the transformation we need. Interconnected Law does not have all of the answers, but is a helpful conceptual framework for thinking about legal change. The Masterclass will provide opportunities for questions and discussion.

Benefits of Attending this Interactive Masterclass

  • Gain a deeper conceptual understanding of the role of law in society and its entanglement with current social and ecological crises
  • Begin an exploration of deconstructing the underlying legal philosophy in the laws and legal frameworks in your niche area 
  • Understand a new legal paradigm : Interconnected Law which can inform new pathways for more just and regenerative governance.

Alex May, LLB, LLM

Alex is an unique emerging scholar in re-thinking the future of law. He  has long been interested in working towards a more just society. While studying undergraduate and postgraduate law degrees at Oxford University, he came to the view that reform in particular policy areas is insufficient and that we must think about the bigger picture.  His refreshing thinking and insights into the nature of law resulted in him being awared the prize in Jurisprudence for getting the top mark on legal theory. Alex’s thesis is that our legal systems are an interwoven part of various systemic social problems and we must think about transforming them. He is looking at taking Interconnected Law further as a PhD project. More can be found at and @IntConLaw on Twitter.

After Alex completed his LLM in 2017 he has been working on Interconnected Law as a side project. He has worked as a legal research assistant, as a Parliamentary Assistant for a Labour MP, and has been involved in activist organising. He also practices and coaches parkour. Alex can be found at or @alexjfmaizy on Twitter.

Who is it  For?

The Interconnected Law Masterclass is relevant to anyone interested in better understanding law’s role in society and responding to the various crises we currently face. It will benefit lawyers, academics, policy makers, campaigners, activists and interested citizens.