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We are living in an era of rapid technological and cultural change. Established industries based on old ways of thinking, being and doing are being aggressively disrupted.

Future Law embraces the need for new ways of thinking, being and doing in the law and we are doing so in two primary ways:

  1. The Technological Shift : We eschew the competitive approach to the provision of legal services. We have designed a collaborative business model within our Networked Communities of Practice which allows us to use communications technology and big data to solve the problem of client access to the best legal minds and multi-disciplinary support for complex and disruptive legal matters. The Future Law platform is not exclusive and you work with our experts from other jurisdictions and disciplines on a case by case basis. You may bring cases to Future Law in order to augment your existing suite of services and we may bring you cases based on client need, your area of expertise and/or your jurisdiction.
  2. The Moral Shift : As lawyers, we can continue to advise clients based on the current state of law or we can become Legal Futurists shaping the way the law must evolve to address the new realities. Future Law is a platform for lawyers who are ready to go beyond the technocratic theory of legal practice, who recognise the role of law in social engineering and who want to work collaboratively with others to make structural change happen.


Participation in our Networked Communities of Practice is by Invitation Only. However, If you would like to learn more about the opportunity to participate in Future Law Communities of Practice, please fill in the form below.


The Future Law Institute (FLI) is a social enterprise incorporated as a limited liability company in the UK. The FLI is an accredited provider of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training and education in the UK and works in partnership with Networked Communities of Practice in the Future Law Collaborative to build capacity of professionals worldwide to rethink existing laws, policies, systems and practice for sustainable development.

Blockchain Governance, Policy & Practice

The Programme aims towards a better understanding of how technology brings notions of anarchy and nevertheless establishes rules and stability.
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Circular Procurement Law, Policy & Practice

This certificate programme is designed for professionals who want to learn more about Circular Economy and Circular Procurement with specific emphasis on the regulatory context and the enabling policy conditions.
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Strategies, Tools & 1-1 Mentorship for lawyers by lawyers to level up your knowledge, skills, and personal network for the next-generation of legal practice

Next-Generation Legal Practice 2019

Build Your Meta-Legal Thinking Capability to Elevate Your Practice, Solve Complex Challenges and Create More Impact.
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