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What Is FLVS 2020

FLVS 2020 is a pathbreaking online gathering for lawyers worldwide who are interested in re-imagining and re-engineering law and legal systems to create a safer, more just and ecologically sustainable world.

The Next-Generation Of Legal Practice Is System Change

In a five day virtual summit a selection of lawyers, systems thinkers and technology innovators will come together to discuss, share, teach and inspire each other on some of the most disruptive legal reforms, innovations and initiatives taking place worldwide.


Technology, AI &
Big Data

Democracy, Rights,
Security & Justice

Cultural & Ecological Sustainability |
Agenda 2030

Emergent law & Practice

The Why

There is a fundamental paradigm shift taking place in science and society from a mechanistic understanding of reality to a complex adaptive systemic worldview.

This shift has brought with it a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness and the interdependency of all life and the impact of our human systems and actions on our natural environment.

We are also facing unprecedented transnational challenges, greater than any one government or corporation can solve.

Law is a unique tool for social transformation and lawyers and legal experts are therefore uniquely placed to be the architects and the engineers of the deep cultural and ecological shift for which there is now pressing demand.

People Inspired Us

Here are some game-changing lawyers shaping tomorrow

Republished from articles Lawyers changing the world for
the better 2018 and 2019 on https://theattic.london/

Are you a lawyer, tech innovator or system change expert with an idea, precedent or solution for a safer, more just, more ecologically sustainable future?

We are collecting the best ideas for legal system change.
Share your story with 2000 + lawyers worldwide at FLVS 2020

Share your story with 2000 +
lawyers worldwide at FLVS 2020

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Check out some of the legal system change
ideas worth spreading

Michael Green

The global goals we’ve made progress on – and the ones we haven’t

Adam Foss

A prosecutor’s vision for a better justice system

Efosa Ojomo

Reducing corruption takes a specific kind of investment
Republished from: https://www.ted.com/

FLVS 2020 Organisers

The FLVS is conceived and hosted by the Future Law Institute, a social enterprise incorporated as limited liability company in the United Kingdom.

Our mission is to help evolve the law and legal systems to create a safer, more just, more culturally and ecologically sustainable world for this and future generations.

We do this through research, education and the exploration of legal innovation applying whole systems theory and practice.