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Future Law Virtual Summit 2020

The Future Law Virtual Summit 2020 (FLVS 2020) will take place between 20th and 25th January 2020 and is a unique event for lawyers and legal practitioners who want a transformation and who understand that the world is changing, yet the way law operates is not serving us for the future.

On this event, legal professionals from around the world will come together to show you how to transform and change a particular niche from within.

Future Law Virtual Summit 2020 consists of a collection of pre-recorded interviews and presentations from leading legal and tech experts, practitioners and inspirational authors and specialists from various fields.

All our attendees get to watch the videos from the comfort of their own home, office or even on the road!

The Future Law Virtual Summit is for:

  1. Lawyers and legal practitioners who want to make a difference and transform 21st century legal practice.
  2. Legal practitioners who want a cost-effective, efficient and long-term access to best use-cases, breakthrough legal studies and cutting edge legal shift.
  3. Digital product and service creators, business owners and software developers that want to leverage their sales recurring revenuesVisionaries, change-makers and thought leaders who want to launch a bestselling book, share their knowledge and experience and position themselves as maestro in their legal community of practice.


We’ll address emergent legal fields and well established ones through Networked Communities of Practices and through the lenses of the emergent areas of law critical for Agenda 2030.

Topics presented on FLVS 2020 include cutting edge latest developments in specific legal field, the paradigm shifts you can implement in your practice, how you can create more income and impact, leverage your legal expertise and seize the opportunities to build thriving location-independent businesses without giving up your day-job.

Among them we will address:

  1. Public Procurement Policy and Governance
  2. Construction and Infrastructure Law
  3. Law and Innovation
  4. Circular Economy Law
  5. Environmental and Wildling Law
  6. Indigenous and Earth Law
  7. Space Law
  8. Crypto Law
  9. Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  10. Future of Contracting

This event will feature real-life case studies from lawyers, legal professionals, legal professors, advocates, in-house lawyers, and legal designers of all types who have made their local and global impact. We’ll break it down and backward engineer their pioneering processes so you can use it for your next generation legal practice.


We have created three basic FLVS freemium pricing plans for you:


  • Watch FLVS 2020 Live
  • Comment
  • Ask Questions

£ 99

  • Watch FLVS 2020 Live
  • Comment
  • Ask Questions
  • Life-time access to all FLVS material

£ 199

  • Watch FLVS 2020 Live
  • Comment
  • Ask Questions
  • Life-time access to all FLVS material
  • Life-time access to FLVS Network Communities of Practice
  • One-year full membership package for Future Law Collaborative