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Leveraging Power from the Margins – Christlyn Moore

The principal aim of this masterclass is move the attendee from obscurity to visibility. There is a difference between visibility and fame, so it is  not a class on how to go viral, but rather a chat about why some people continue to exist on the margin of their own life and organisations while desperately wanting to contribute to a greater extent and how they can start to bring that dream to fruition.

The Class purposes to:

1.     Explore what and who constitutes the margins  and why so many of us inhabit that space, whether because we are acting conformity to gender norms, family hierarchical structures,  community edicts, the absence of mentors or fear

2.     Affirm the value of the margin through numerical supremacy, breath of experience, exposure to social matrices, and the might of historical and anecdotal knowledge.

3.     Assist in creating a formula to use the lessons learnt from being on the side-lines to propel the attendee to another way of being – one that is less passive , that kneads the system rather than needs the system.

4.     Critically assess the weaknesses of the margins, and what it obscures so that the participants may address these weaknesses in order to move into visibility.

Anyone who believes that they are on the side-lines of a community group, relationship or endeavour and who desires to move to a position of more involvement or influence or to rewrite their life’s script; New entrants to a business or profession; emerging political actors; Budding NGOs and support groups; entrepreneurs who are looking for a new approach to motorise their endeavour ; persons who believe themselves to be system oppressed or denied access to tools of social mobility.

This talk aims to reimagine and redefine  the position of marginalised groups and the view from the side-lines by offering a telescopic view of the margins and its outsize role in underpinning all systems.

Participants will learn how to learn how to leverage or move past their anonymity, and apparent powerlessness  to energise a new purpose or endeavour

This  Masterclass presents a  toolkit to:

Identify, leverage, and create power from the shadows, the side-lines and the margins of families, businesses, and communities.

Identify targets for change

Identify the factors that are preventing your engagement

Help you claim and leverage your expertise within your niche

About Christlyn Moore

In 1995 I founded the Renaissance Law Chambers, a full-service concierge Chambers. Between 1995 – 2005, I enjoyed a successful practice as a Criminal defence advocate at the High Court and Court of Appeal of Trinidad and Tobago, and was one of a handful of female criminal defence attorneys at that time. After 2005 I switched focus to civil litigation which is now the main thrust of our Chambers. In  September 2012- I  Joined the cabinet of  the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as the Minister of Justice. The office’s responsibility included: The Criminal Justice System, criminal justice legislation, Criminal Justice reform and Transformation; The Prison Service – Parole and Prisoner Management, Prison Service Reform, Community Service and Rehabilitation; Witness Protection care and Management; Forensic Services- DNA Services; Offender Management – Youth Re Offender Program and Victims of Crime. In 2013 I launched a political party ‘The Tobago Forward’s, to give new voice and energy to the political underclass in Tobago, and to lend my national voice to an underserved island community of 60,000.