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Feminine Face of Embodied Leadership Masterclass with Dr. Marion Gibbon

The world is undergoing rapid transformation and there is an ongoing change in paradigm from the old autocratic top down approach to that of a more inclusive embodied style of leadership integrating mind, body, spirit and an understanding of the sacred truths we have with each other. There is a need to bring about a new model of being and leading that will enable the negotiation of a new ‘normal’ and for people to gain the competencies and expertise to operate in an ever changing world. Marion has explored a new paradigm of leadership through interviews with 20 incredible women with whom she has met over the course of her career and personal life and these highlight 13 qualities of leadership. She explores the concepts of being, aligning and becoming the best possible leader that you can be. Marion uses an approach to working that yields access to who we are now and who we are becoming, and what is possible for us within our unfolding future. Through a process of creating with intention we can work with mindfulness in our everyday lives, whether it is making soup, a garden, a business plan or creating a new policy or programme of development. In this Masterclass you will learn some of the tools that will enable you to become more embodied as a leader through getting to know yourself more intimately. This Masterclass will be interactive and practical – a fun productive way to pass your Saturday afternoon. Do come with a means of recording whether electronic or paper and some coloured pens or a stylus!

Benefits of Attending this Interactive Masterclass

  • Understand the importance of a new paradigm of leadership and the 13 qualities that allow for the integration of mind, body and spirit and bringing your whole self into the way you lead
  • Build personal awareness and resilience for compassionate leadership and gain emerging professional skills to access more of yourself, and your intuition in who you are able to become and what might be possible in the future
  • You will be able to enhance capacity and become a part of a global community of practice for policy entrepreneurship and embodied leadership. Who Should Attend This interactive masterclass is designed for civil society representatives, advocates for more compassionate policies, policymakers and policy entrepreneurs, lawyers and professionals desirous of building capacity to lobby for developing a future with more caring compassionate communities.

About Dr. Marion Gibbon Marion is a graduate of Chelsea College, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, City University and London Southbank University and has a background in Biology, Human Nutrition and Health and Social Science and is a Consultant in Public Health FFPH. She is an author and an Executive Coach in Leadership using Intentional Creativity. Throughout her professional life Marion has interacted within different fields of study. She studied biology and then trained as a teacher. She then taught biology and science for a year in Surrey. After which she took up a post in Kenya for two years at Imani School in Thika. Whilst there she became interested in disadvantage and malnutrition amongst children and worked under Ardy Kielmann who lit her desire to study nutrition and how she might bring about change. Upon her return to England she studied nutrition at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. This led to a post with the school as a researcher. Her research considered the efficacy of a local foodstuff amongst children in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, the deterioration in the country meant she had to leave. The following year she moved to Kenya. Her work in Kenya was with malnourished children and their families. Whilst there she had her first child and after several years in Kenya left for Nepal. Whilst there she had her second daughter and undertook a doctorate which focused on women’s health and empowerment. Back in England after over 10 years overseas, she worked in academia and then the National Health Service. Through the NHS she became a Consultant in Public Health and trained as a coach. She continued to work in the field of public health in a local authority in England. Marion is also an artist and has developed a programme that involves using creativity within a coaching process. Her coaching focuses on bringing together mind, body and spirit to become a fully embodied leader.