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Blockchain Governance, Policy & Practice

Certificate Programme

The blockchain jurisdiction was initially for participants interested in building a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) as a second-layer element on top of consensus protocol. Interest grew fast and legal challenges were identified by a broader community, which brought us to a tailored programme addressing various legal domains, areas and theories. The programme provides participants with an overall understanding of blockchain characteristics as well as the issues which projects and individuals are facing within this specific ecosystem.

The Programme aims towards a better understanding of how technology brings notions of anarchy and nevertheless establishes rules and stability. We will map out relevant emerging legal implications and explore the idea of code deployed on a blockchain becoming the law. At the end of the day participants will gain clarity regarding top-down approaches regulators are undertaking across the world and bottom-up, self-regulatory codes emerging in crypto space.

Topics to be covered:

Introduction to the Distributed Ledger Technology and Token Economy
Digital Currencies, Tokens, ICO, Non-Fungible Token, Stable Coin and a Digital Asset
Regulatory Framework and Top-Down Approach Crypto Regulation
Understanding the Emerging Virtual Legal Domain
Responsibility of a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation
Examples of Blockchain ‘’jurisdictions’’ and their layers
Designing Bottom-Up Policy
Identification of Stakeholders
Informal and Formal processes
Enforcement Mechanisms
Community Management
Blockchain uses in ITC governance, global supply chain management, construction, infrastructure law

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this certificate programme participants will:

Demonstrate a general understanding of Distributed Ledger Technology and Token Economy
Demonstrate a good understanding and distinguishing Digital Currencies from Tokens, ICO, Non-Fungible Token, Stable Coin and a Digital Asset
Understanding the need for regulatory framework and the context of ‘’blockchain laws’’ challenges and opportunities in existing policy frameworks
Have more clarity regarding the existing legal domains and new frontiers, and widening range of legal applications for a variety of practices and approaches to create new value from technological innovation
Receive a CPD Accredited Certificate of Participation
Become familiar with the Future Law network and workshop design supporting the ongoing learning and application for public and private sector organisations

Who Should Attend

This certificate programme is designed for professionals who want to learn more about Blockchain and Token Economy with emphasis on the bottom-up governance and regulatory context and the creation of effective policy. The programme will not be promoting any specific token or blockchain, and aims towards an agnostic, objective representation of legal challenges professionals, developers, entrepreneurs, businesses are facing in blockchain ecosystem. It is tailored for legal practitioners, lawyers, policymakers, regulators and decision-makers who are eager to gain clarity, understand the transformation of anarchist technocracy and co-create a governing system which fosters human-centric and future driven technological societal changes.

No prior knowledge of token economy and blockchain technology is necessary. Genuine interest in advanced technology and background in international law, political thought and social structures is more than welcomed and holds a potential to open a fruitful discussion at the end of the workshop.

Public Sector

Lawyers and consultants advising public authorities
In-House Legal Professionals
Departments heads
Policy-makers and public agencies
Banks and Security Commissioners

Private Sector

Lawyers and consultants advising tech firms
Financial Services Firms
Financial Software Providers
Analytical firms and Consultancies
Blockchain developers, game theorists
Private Equity investors
Exchanges and Brokers

Lead Programme Facilitator

Anja Blaj

Independent legal researcher and consultant,
Head of Advocacy at European Blockchain Hub,
Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Programme Fees : £497
Student Rate : £397
Group Rate for groups of 3 or more : £397 per participant

Anja Blaj is a lawyer pioneering in space and crypto law. She co-founded Ljubljana Legal Hackers Chapter and co-organized the first Distributed Governance Council (DGov 2019). As a member of the Coalition of Automated Legal Application (COALA) she has attended several workshops regarding blockchain governance.

She has also headed the Advocacy department at the European and Asian Blockchain Hub, got familiar with asian culture, regulatory frameworks and has designed the statutory governance of the Hub’s cooperative. She has held workshops for legal applications for Distributed Autonomous Organisations and is concurrently finishing up a master thesis about Global Law: Between Concept and Reality.

Blockchain Governance,
Policy & Practice

University Of Bath
Claverton Down Bath
BA2 7AY United Kingdom
Sunday 16th June 2019
9.00 am – 3.30 pm

Program Changes We will make every effort to present the certificate program as advertised, but it may be necessary to change the dates, location, speakers or content with little or no notice. In the event of program cancellation, the Future Law Institute’s liability is limited to reimbursement of paid fees.
Cancellations/Rainchecks/Substitutions If you are unable to attend the program your organization may name a replacement. A full refund will be issued for cancellations received a minimum of 21 days before the program start dates. Norefunds will be issued after the program commences. Non-attendance or withrawal after the program start date will incur a full program fee.