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Building Better Conversations – Dr. Keita Demming

May 22, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm


About the Masterclass:

Conversations set the stage for future possible actions. We can do very little in our world without conversations. Yet, so few of us spend time Mastering Conversations. One Conversation. One choice. One decision. One action. Could change your future. Each choice we make in a conversation opens a new door to a new future. When you focus on having a Better Conversation, you improve the future you walk into. Ask yourself, what would be different in your life and your work, if you had Better Conversations? In this Masterclass, we will focus on a framework for improving the quality of your conversations. We will use interactive exercises to lead participants on a journey. We will use scenarios, key concepts, and frameworks that are easy to use and can be applied in most conversations.

Benefits of Participation in this Interactive Masterclass:

Learn how tiny conversational moves can generate outsized results.
Gain an understanding of a new framework that will transform your everyday interactions.
Learn how to leverage conversations to build your personal influence, manage creative and diverse teams and become a catalyst for a better future.

Who should attend:

Everything we do in life is determined by the quality of our conversations. No matter what you do in life, we all use conversations to get things done. This Masterclass is for people who think of themselves as ambitious or successful and wish to be even more successful. Having Better Conversations is competitive advantage. If moving your conversations from being a liability to an asset interests you, then this Masterclass is for you.