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We Are Your Legal Partners In Catalysing Systems Change

We are not a law firm. We are a networked multi-national community of legal futurists and systems theorists. We provide legal and advisory services to clients worldwide pioneering policy, product and service innovations, challenging outdated and/or oppressive laws, and who may be suffering injustice.

We represent governments, public, private and third sector entities including charities, civic organisations and community groups. We source legal specialists, build multi-disciplinary expert teams and match them to your needs.

We do not take on every client. Our focus is on matters which have structural impact. Clients with matters which we deem to have ‘path-breaking potential’ are our priority.

Our first consultation and issue mapping is free.

How It Works

A Simple Four Step Engagement Process

Step 1

Fill in our Project Application Form – You will need to tell us the nature of your matter or issue, your objectives, your connection to the matter and the relevant jurisdiction.

Step 2

Book your initial consultation – You will be contacted by us and invited to book your initial consultation. If there is insufficient information in your Application, we will request further information before inviting you to book your initial consultation.

Step 3

Initial Consultation and Issue Mapping – You meet with us virtually and we go through your matter. We will map your problem and determine whether the matter is a fit for Future Law.

Step 4

Sign Terms of Engagement – Within 21 days of your initial consultation you will be informed of whether your matter has been accepted and on what terms. You will have seven (7) days to make a decision and execute the Terms of Engagement.

More urgent decisions can be accommodated depending on the nature of your matter. However, please note that this service is geared toward matters resulting in systems change. These types of matters necessarily have a longer preparation time.